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BrainStorm Memory Power

BrainStorm Memory Power

BrainStorm Memory Power

Aid Recall, Comprehension And Retention

Most of us can relate to the embarrassment of forgetting an important appointment or drawing a blank in the middle of a conversation.

The ability to remember the details of our lives is becoming increasingly difficult as our ability to efficiently remember those details is overrun with the demands of our daily activities.

Memory Power: Get Smarter, Faster...

The effects of media overload and overscheduled lives are never seen so clearly as when we begin to slip the details of our lives through the cracks. And this phenomenon isn’t reserved for just Baby Boomers—we are all bombarded with so much information from so many sources that we have little hope of keeping it all in our memories.

Simply put, technology has surpassed our ability to absorb the endless amount of work, study, and life information available to us, let alone recall the information we need to remember when we need it!

We seem to be a culture on the verge of a memory meltdown. But it doesn’t have to be this way for you!

Let BrainStorm Memory Power help you to...

* Recall all the important information you need whenever you need it.

* Listen intently and learn effortlessly. Rediscover that learning is fun and memory is easy.

* Release memories that no longer serve you. Create positive memories of yourself and others.

* Learn that a sharp memory is a choice. Choose to recall and remember in a conscious way.

* Become a master of memory and recall. Experience your ability to  recall in new and creative ways.

* Allow yourself to recall all the beauty, love, laughter, successes, and positive moments of your life at will.

BrainStorm Silent Subliminals Version 3.0  

Written and Produced by Deborah DeBerry 1992, WBLI Del Mar, CA

Affirmations Recorded by Deborah DeBerry and Jim Long

Original Mix/Sound Engineering by Hal Jackson at OneMusic, Nashville, TN

Silent Subliminals embedded by O.M. (Bud) Lowery U.S. Patent #5,159,703

Re-mastered for WBLI by Cary Beare at Hermit Studios, Los Angeles, 2002

Copyright registered 1992 in 2003 by Deborah DeBerry/WBLI

Version 3.0 Technology upgrade and recording update 2023 by BrainSpark Studios

BrainStorm Silent Subliminals Version 3.0 


  • 2 audio tracks delivered in 1 .zip file 
  • Instructions and Affirmations in 1 .zip file

Audio Formats: MP3, FLAC, M4A

The first audio track is a specially orchestrated version of our proprietary BrainSpeak Sound Pattern Technology mixed with a silent subliminal track specific to the focus of the program. Best when used with headphones to maximize the psycho-acoustical effect of the sound vibrations.

The second audio track is a stand-alone version of the silent track that can be played through speakers in virtually any environment without conscious detection. Perfect for all-day exposure where an audible music or nature sound audio is not desired or would not be appropriate. Not for use with headphones.

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