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BrainStream Power of Love

BrainStream Power of Love
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The Power of Love


Love is the message, and you are the messenger.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us." ~Marianne Williamson author of A Return to Love

Love has the power to change the world, but in order to do that, we must first change ourselves.

It is not enough to talk about "love." It is only when we allow the gift of self-forgiveness that we can finally experience the true power of love in ourselves and inspire others for global change. 

Allow the profoundly moving spiritual experience of this program to awaken you as you transform into a loving and forgiving presence, which is the foundation of your higher purpose in life.

Experience the unity of all life with compassion and understanding. Enrich your relationships.

Discover the most fulfilling and beautiful miracle of all: the power of love.

BrainStream® - The Next Step in Brain/Mind Expansion - A New Dimension in Sound Version 3.0

Written & Produced by Deborah DeBerry 1993, WBLI Del Mar, CA

Affirmations Recorded by Deborah DeBerry & Jim Long

Original Mix/Sound Engineering by Hal Jackson at OneMusic, Nashville, TN

Re-mastered by Rocky Schaars/RockAudio & Jim Falzone/Venus Mastering, 2001

Silent Subliminals embedded by O.Ml (Bud) Lowery U.S. Patent #5,159,703

Copyright registered 1993 in 2003 by Deborah DeBerry/WBLI

Version 3.0 Technology upgrade and recording update 2023 by BrainSpark Studios

BrainStream® Version 3.0 


  • 1 Introduction track in .MP3 format delivered in a .zip file
  • 1 Manual in .pdf file
  • 1 Interview with Bud Lowery delivered in a .zip file
  • 7 audio tracks delivered in 4 .zip files 

Audio Formats: MP3, FLAC, M4A

One track containing Silent subliminals that can be played through speakers in virtually any environment without conscious detection. Perfect for all-day exposure where an audible music or nature sound audio is not desired or would not be appropriate. Not for use with headphones.

Two tracks containing a specially orchestrated version of our proprietary BrainSpeak Sound Pattern Technology mixed with either a silent or audible subliminal track specific to the focus of the program. Best when used with headphones to maximize the psycho-acoustical effect of the sound vibrations.

Two tracks using Tomatis (award-winning auditory learning technique of French physician Dr. Alfred Tomatis) inspired sounds, one with audible and one with silent subliminals. The track with audible affirmations is best when used with headphones, the other can be used either with or without headphones. 

Two tracks with powerful relaxation and guided visualization sessions. Both of these tracks are best when used with headphones.

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Original Art Work