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BrainStorm Commitment

BrainStorm Commitment

BrainStorm Commitment

Encourage Decision-Making and Sustain Commitments to People and Projects.

The inability to commit--to jobs, relationships, or financial obligations--appears to be epidemic in our culture.

Disposable marriages, multiple bankruptcies, and revolving door careers all signal a genuine fear of commitment.

Running away at the first sign of trouble, or refusing to take our obligations seriously are warning signs that the promises we make don’t have very deep roots.

We are judged by our actions...

Changing the way we think about committing ourselves to other people, whether in relationships, employment, or business transactions, is obviously vital to our success and peace of mind.

But it is the commitments that we make and keep to ourselves that truly define who we are and how we will be respected in the world in which we function.

Simply put, those who lack the ability to commit are doomed to an aimless and shallow existence.

It doesn't have to be that way...

BrainStorm Commitment is Designed to Help You...

* See clearly, be focused, know your path, and understand your choices.

* Decide with clarity and conviction and firmly commit to what's most important.

* Release debilitating fear and doubt, and let go of indecision.

* Become strengthened by your commitments in order to make even better decisions in the future.

* Finally, commit to experiencing the life of your dreams.

* Embrace choice, wisely choose, and commit to your clear choices.

BrainStorm Silent Subliminals Version 3.0  

Written and Produced by Deborah DeBerry 1992, WBLI Del Mar, CA

Affirmations Recorded by Deborah DeBerry and Jim Long

Original Mix/Sound Engineering by Hal Jackson at OneMusic, Nashville, TN

Silent Subliminals embedded by O.M. (Bud) Lowery U.S. Patent #5,159,703

Re-mastered for WBLI by Cary Beare at Hermit Studios, Los Angeles, 2002

Copyright registered 1992 in 2003 by Deborah DeBerry/WBLI

Version 3.0 Technology upgrade and recording update 2023 by BrainSpark Studios

BrainStorm Silent Subliminals Version 3.0 


  • 2 audio tracks delivered in 1 .zip file 
  • Instructions and Affirmations in 1 .zip file

Audio Formats: MP3, FLAC, M4A

The first audio track is a specially orchestrated version of our proprietary BrainSpeak Sound Pattern Technology mixed with a silent subliminal track specific to the focus of the program. Best when used with headphones to maximize the psycho-acoustical effect of the sound vibrations.

The second audio track is a stand-alone version of the silent track that can be played through speakers in virtually any environment without conscious detection. Perfect for all-day exposure where an audible music or nature sound audio is not desired or would not be appropriate. Not for use with headphones.

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