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Anchor Your Knowledge
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Brand: Pathways
Anchor Your KnowledgeDevelop a foundation of confidence and knowledge that creates breakthroughs in brain/mind expansion.  Accept the possibility of quick and effortless learning.  Stimulate the mind to access information and attain wisdom through knowledge. Sample Interactiv..
Get Brain-Mind Expansion Intensive!Increase memory, concentration, and focus so you learn, remember, and apply important information faster, spending less time reviewing and relearning material.Eliminate your self-sabotaging mind-scripts and easily correct the hidden negative beliefs that stop you f..
Brand: BrainStorm
BrainStorm Memory PowerAid Recall, Comprehension And RetentionMost of us can relate to the embarrassment of forgetting an important appointment or drawing a blank in the middle of a conversation.The ability to remember the details of our lives is becoming increasingly difficult as our ability to eff..
EnvironMental Learning
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Create the Perfect Audio Environment for ACCELERATED LEARNING!Use EnvironMENTAL Learning while studying, reading, teaching, conducting meetings, or working at your computer. You can even listen while sleeping or after attending evening classes or meetings to enhance the retention of information.It's..
Over 1000 Extremely Smart People Have a Secret—And Now You Can Too!ULTRA-Intelligence® Designed To Increase Sheer Intellectual PowerBoost Your Brain Power with Ultra-Intelligence®!At, we know that our proprietary sounds and frequencies “speak” directly to the brain and mind, creating ..
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