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PWJ - Trust Your "Self"

PWJ - Trust Your Self
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Trust Your "Self"

Allow faith and love to replace fear and doubt.

Accept new experiences with confidence and calmness.

Trust the knowingness of your mind, body, and spirit to provide guidance and vision on your journey.

Receive your highest blessing today.

Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I love new experiences.  I expand my comfort zone.  I trust myself.  I am worthy of trust.  I live in trust and wholeness of being.  I trust what is true.  I know what is true.  I trust.  I allow.  I accept.  I strengthen my mind, my body, and my spirit by practicing trust.

BrainSpeak® Pathways Version 3.0  

Written and Produced by Deborah DeBerry 2018, Los Angeles, CA

Affirmations recorded by Deborah DeBerry and Cary Beare

Original sound pattern mix by Deborah DeBerry & William Aura, Wizard Studios

Recorded & re-mastered by Cary Beare at Hermit Studios, Los Angeles, 2018

Graphic Design by Cambiastic Design, Dublin, 2018

Copyright 2018 by Deborah DeBerry

Version 3.0 Technology upgrade and recording update 2023 by BrainSpark Studios

BrainSpeak® Pathways Version 3.0


  • 2 audio tracks delivered in 1 .zip file
  • Program Affirmations in a .pdf file
  • Program Instructions in a .pdf file

Track #1 has inaudible positive affirmations embedded in an audible BrainSpeak sound pattern multi-layered track. Best when used with headphones to maximize the psycho-acoustical effect of the sound vibrations.

Track #2 is an audible sample of the subliminal messages embedded in Track #1 – chosen to support brain/mind re-education, delivered on separate channels to maximize the right and left brain integration of the messages. Can be used with or without headphones.

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