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Zero Point Golf
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Golf isn't just a game of mechanics, it's a game of mind.

Changing your mental game takes courage to honestly look at yourself—your flaws, beliefs, and behaviors are so deeply ingrained that you may not even be aware of them, and even if you have some knowledge of how to do this, you will still need to ask for help.

Now there’s a new, tournament-proven method that lets you sharpen your mental skills and eliminate negative thoughts and behaviors to help you play the best golf of your life!

It’s a new audio program called ZeroPoint Golf from BrainSpeak® and it’s been tested by both amateur and professional golfers with amazing results!

What's the "Zero Point" and what does it have to do with golf?

"The "Zero Point" in golf is the exact moment when the club face makes contact with the ball before the energy of the swing is transferred to the ball. It is also the point at which all possible outcomes for the path of the ball exist simultaneously.

The ultimate path of the ball depends greatly on your state of mind at that moment."

That’s where this exciting new audio program from BrainSpeak comes in.

Now you can dramatically lower your golf score and play your best golf consistently – without extra practice, a mental "coach," or golf lessons!  Thanks to a new, tournament proven technology, you can:

Play Well consistently, and Lower Your Handicap

When you come down to it, golf is a game of "misses." So, what's the difference between your game and that of former great Jack Nicklaus? Simple, says Nicklaus "My misses are less severe than your misses."  Use ZeroPoint Golf to make it far easier to consistently recover from  your misses!

Accomplish More With Less Effort

A relaxed mind leads to a relaxed body that allows the clubs (you know, the ones that you paid a lot of money for) to do their job without resistance. Your stress goes down and your energy level goes up. Your mind and body work together to produce the game you always hoped you had in you.

Eliminate Self-Sabotaging Beliefs, Behaviors, and Self-Talk

It’s an easy shot.  You’ve made it dozens of times before.  Make it again, and you have a chance to beat your best previous score. As you begin your backswing, a little voice in your head says: “DON’T LAND IN THE SAND TRAP!” Splat!  Right into that beast you go.  Eliminate the deep source of your negative self-talk and self-destructive behaviors.

Nail Those High-Pressure Shots

Experience the "flow" state when executing complex solutions to the cup. For example, imagine training your mind to approach and execute a tough chip shot from the trees just as you would a six inch putt to the cup. Relaxed, confident and focused.

Reduce the Times the Ball Goes Out-of-Bounds or into Traps and Hazards

Military combat attack pilots call it "target fixation." The pilot becomes so focused on the target on the ground that in some cases, they fly their plane into the ground. The same holds true of sand traps and water hazards on the golf course. Let ZPG train you to render the hazards invisible to your mind so you can focus on your true target.

Enjoy the Game More!

Let's face it... Even at the professional level, golf should be fun. Unfortunately, many of us find our game to be frustrating and, at times, a real hit to our self-esteem. Reconnect with that feeling of fun and excitement and make golf something that is fulfilling and life-affirming!

Become the Talk of the Club

OK, we know this seems shallow, but a healthy ego and handling success with humility are both key parts of winning...

Get ZeroPoint Golf and Stop Sabotaging Your Game Now!