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Synaptic Symphonies SoundScapes- Forgiveness

Synaptic Symphonies SoundScapes- Forgiveness
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Haunting melodies for relaxation, meditation, or pure enjoyment—a perfect musical setting for anchoring messages of confidence and self-esteem.


Let go of real and perceived regrets, hurts, and anger by experiencing, on the deepest levels of being, the joy of forgiving yourself and others.

Synaptic Symphonies Version 3.0 

Originally named UHF High Frequency (UHF) Series with Silent Affirmations 

Written & Produced by Deborah DeBerry 1993, WBLI Del Mar, CA

Affirmations Recorded by Deborah DeBerry & Jim Long

Original Mix/Sound Engineering by Hal Jackson at OneMusic, Nashville, TN

Silent Subliminals embedded by O.M. (Bud) Lowery U.S. Patent #5,159,703

Version 3.0 Technology upgrade and recording update 2023 by BrainSpark Studios

Synaptic Symphonies Version 3.0


  • 1 45-minute audio track delivered in a .zip file
  • Program Affirmations in a .pdf file

Audio Formats: MP3, FLAC, M4A

Silent Subliminals (inaudible affirmations) are embedded within award-winning music to speak to your subconscious mind. Can be played through speakers or headphones. 

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