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The BrainSpeak Program

The BrainSpeak Program

Introducing The BrainSpeak® Audio Program...

The BrainSpeak® audio program is a "next level" program for mastering your life by opening you to higher consciousness, achieving balance, and creating physical and emotional well-being.

This exceptional audio series is based upon scientific research and the study of the transformational impact of sound on the brain and mind.

Using the power of pure sound patterns, BrainSpeak® is truly the latest achievement in personal transformation technology.

Designed to stimulate your brain by increasing brain-wave activity and synchronizing both right and left hemispheres, BrainSpeak® creates a deep resonance between your conscious and subconscious mind, leading you to new levels of personal power, mental excellence, vibrant health, and joyous self-realization.​

The BrainSpeak® Experience

BrainSpeak® is a comprehensive vibrational audio program that will lead you to new levels of mental acuity, happiness, and self-healing.

Its digital, holophonic multi-tracks, re-mastered by recording artist and Grammy-nominated sound engineer John Archer, provide the highest quality and most sophisticated sound technology available. Using the power of pure, organic tones and sound patterns developed by her mentor, the late Dr. John-David, Deborah DeBerry and Grammy-nominated composer William Aura carefully orchestrated specific frequencies to create BrainSpeak®.